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Walluf is the oldest wine-growing town and the gate to the Rheingau. Viniculture has been a tradition for over 1200 years here, and this has shaped the distinctive appearance of this picturesque little town of 6000 inhabitants.

An important stopover for every visitor of the legendary scenic Riesling Route, Walluf on the Rhine is by all means an attractive place for wine connoisseurs. The prize-winning wines of our famous vineyards — such as the Walkenberg — have found a warm welcome anywhere in the world.

Laughter and happiness will come along naturally. Where fine wine is grown, cuisine and sociability will thrive as well. Visit our cozy wine taverns, sip wine on rustic garden terraces of wineries and enjoy restaurants serving local specialties. You, too, will be delighted !

Lovely vineyards, pristine verdant valleys, extensive orchards, rich flowery meadows and shady forests can be explored on foot. You can also follow the romantic Rhine along on the riverside promenade. And if you like riding, sailing or windsurfing, there's more than a day's worth of things to do in Walluf.

Undoubtedly, another plus is that Walluf is linked with the Rhine-Main region by the A5 super highway. Walluf can be reached conveniently by road or rail. For trade fair visitors and day trippers alike, Walluf is only a short distance away, whether from Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz or Rüdesheim. If you travel by bicycle, you can also reach us from the left bank of the Rhine by passenger and bicycle ferry from Budenheim.

Feel inclined to visit us? We'll be glad to help you find a great place to stay or dine. Ask us for recreational amenities. For further detailed information, please contact the tourist council in Walluf.


Tourist Council Walluf
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